Better Solutions For IoT Devices

About Us

We provide connectivity services and play-ground for device deveoopers

  • Founded at 2012
  • Located at South Korea
  • Made up of software people

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Why going with us for new projects

Significantly reduces the development time of sensors and related devices for data acquisition and controlling.



It provides services related to general statistics on devices and real-time data processing.

Reasonable cost

Basically designed considering scale-out. it covers quantity of devices and related overloads with low prices.

Real Time

Provides stable connectivity to devices and apps. Data is transmitted in real time.

Apps for Use

We provide all apps (IOS, Android, Windows, Web) so device developers can focus on device development.

Developer's SDK

SDKs for IoT device developers and application developers.

Device SDKs

MUC SDK for ESP8266,ESP32.

Additional MCU will be supported

App SDKs

Under preparations.


The service price has a standard pricing policy, and the CCTV streaming service has a separate pricing policy..

Free Plan

$0per month

  • 1 Device per User
  • Data limits applied
  • Data logging for 6 months.
  • Data Analysis Service
  • Device Sharing service
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1111Ho, 16, Heungan-daero 427beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea


+82 10 3208 9568

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